• Analysis of continuity scenarios and design of the family succession plan in relation to the business strategy plan.

  • Preparation of family protocols as framework agreements that establish the code of conduct that regulates family members' relationships with the business from the standpoints of governance, management and ownership.

  • Design of family governance structures, mainly the family meeting and family council.

  • Preparation of succession plans aimed at establishing the principles that will govern the generational handover.

  • Mediation and dispute resolution.

  • Training sessions for the family, through the design of customized training programs based on the features and interests of each family group.

  • Establishment of the family office as a service for the optimization of, and the search for greater efficiency in, returns on family assets.


  • Analysis of the impact of the unexpected disability or death of certain members of the family on the management of the business and family assets.

  • Planning for the management of the business and assets in the event of unexpected disabilities.

  • Succession planning in the event of death, in relation to asset transfers and the asset management system.

  • Planning for the economic arrangement applicable to marriages and stable unions, as well as advice on potential prenuptial agreements.

  • Advice on the opening of testate, contractual and intestate successions at both international and local level.

  • Planning for and advice on gifts of companies or family assets in relation to asset transfers and the asset management system.

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